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The Automation Platform designed for SaaS Providers
Focus your resources on your own solution and benefit from a ready-to-go Integration Center. Scale your product integrations 10x more effectively.
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Increase your Average Contract Value and Product Stickiness
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Benefit from a comprehensive ecosystem of integrations
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No investment and fast time to market
Don’t lose your customer to an external Integration Provider
Meet customer needs without losing them to an external integration provider. Offer integrations to all leading apps and provide your customers way more value.
Launch your own Integration Center in days
Offer the integrations your customers love by levearging a powerful backend and proven standard components. Our three step process helps you to deliver value faster.
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Benefit from a growing ecosystem
Grow your ecosystem of tech-partners and connect to other SaaS Leaders. Benefit from an active open source community, providing connectors to relevant SaaS solutions.
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299 $ / mo
0.80$ per additional 1,000 Execution
Save up to 50% with packages
Integration Center
25 Templates
E-mail Support
1599 $ / mo
0.40$ per additional 1,000 Execution
Save up to 50% with packages
Integration Center
150 Templates
E-mail & Phone Support
API Access
>50 Million Executions
Individual rate per Execution
Save up to 50% with packages
Integration Center
Unlimited Templates
Premium Support
API Access
*6 month contract runtime - starts with implementation to production
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Frequently Asked Questions
oih logo What are executions?

When an Integration is active the connectors execute functions to perform API calls and pass on data. Every time such an action is perfomed we count as an Execution. Example: You connect your own solution with a CRM in an easy flow that fetches new contacts (trigger) from the CRM and creates a new contact in your solution (action). This gives you a flow with two nodes, so two Executions whenever there is data to be processed. If the trigger is a polling trigger, it will call the CRM’s API say every 5 minutes. This means 12 Executions per hour - even if there is no data. Using webhooks or changing the polling intervals allows you to greatly reduce the number of executions. The configuration options will heavily depend on the API of each system as well as the type of business logic you would like to implement.

oih logo What are templates?

The steps necessary to let data flow from one application to another are defined in what we call Integration Flows. You will create a general description of such Integration Flows and make them available for all your users to activate via the Integration Center or custom integration to your interface. These pre-defined and re-usable descriptions of Integration Flows are Templates.

oih logo Can I offer Integration without using the Integration Center?

Yes. The Integration Center is one way to get you started quickly and without much need for development. If you prefer to bring the Templates your users in a different way, for instance within your application settings or in combination with already existing integrations, you can access our API for a custom implementation. To discuss more technical details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

oih logo Is there a limit on how many connectors we can use?

No. You can use as many connectors as you want.

oih logo How do I get a Connector for my own solution?

An easy first step is to use generic components, such as our REST Component, to connect to your own API. When you are ready to move to your own connector, you can either build one yourself based on the open source guidelines, automatically generate one using a valid OpenAPI 3 API spec or reach out to us.

oih logo Is there a free trial?

Your account is free by default, so you can test the platform. You only need to sign-up for a commercial plan once you want to implement the Integration Center and grant your customers access to the integrations.

Stay in control
Your customers trust you with their data. Born from an open source community, Open Integration Hub provides Transparency, Data Compliance and Security by design.
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Open Source
We fully embrace this and are rooted in a free and open source integration framework.
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Ecosystem Support
You can’t integrate alone. We are proud to be born from Germany’s largest SaaS Community - the Cloud Ecosystem.
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Solid Funding
Funding by the German Ministry of Economics and Climate Action provides a stable foundation for long term development.
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GDPR Compliance
Data Privacy is ever more important. Open Integration Hub is build with european values at heart and fully GDPR compliant.
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Data Security
Handling Data is a sensitive topic. Don’t worry, we got you covered and provide up-to-date security messures to keep your customers’ data safe.